We believe people build companies. We care about and invest in OUR employees.

We are ambitious and we have grown fast. From day one we have been passionate about investing in our people and supporting their career journey. As a result, we have posted record results and exceeded all our targets every year.

At Hunter Gatherer AHP, we have excelled in the healthcare recruitment sector by nurturing a team dedicated to raising the bar for our clients.

Our commitment to delivering market expertise and personalised service has not only led to our rapid growth and significant financial achievements, with revenues now over £17M, but has also fostered career progression and rewards for our team. Currently employing 45 people in our new Shoreditch offices, we’re set to expand our team to over 60 in the next year and continue our international growth over the next five years. Our culture and environment make our workplace both exciting and rewarding.

Here's how you can be part of it:

By being hardworking, professional, inclusive, supportive, motivated and fun.

By being confident enough to go out and make things happen.

By being ambitious enough to take control of your own success.

Hunter Gatherer AHP is an exceptional company for exceptional people with a desire to be the best they can be. It is a tailor-made place to build a career.

Healthcare matters to us all

Healthcare touches all our lives, all our lives long.

It is one of the most respected, valued and vital pillars of our society. And it offers jobs that are as rewarding and meaningful as they are important and challenging.

At Hunter Gatherer AHP, our job is to help the people who help us.

We provide and support these exceptional people in their career. We help them achieve promotions. We help place them in their dream roles. And we help the health service maintain access to a trusted, reliable, experienced and flexible workforce.

What we do matters. Because what they do matters.

Our Leaders

Benton Robertson

Managing Director Hunter Gatherer AHP & MH

Glen Cordell

Director, Hunter Gatherer AHP

Since we were founded in 2017, Hunter Gatherer AHP has progressively built its service offering by meeting the ever-increasing demands of the healthcare market.

As the healthcare market grows, we grow.



Hunter Gatherer AHP & MH launched

4 employees


NHS Framework access secured

New offices, 8 employees


◉ Primary Care Launched

14 Employees

New offices in Marlybone


Awarded Workforce Alliance network

◉ 22 Employees

◉ Awarded HTE TWS Framework supplier


Community nursing launched

◉ 30 employees

◉ New offices in Shoreditch

Listed a Top 100 Best Business to work for 2021


◉ Best Companies to work for 2022

◉ Awarded place on the Scotland Social Care Framework


◉ Awarded place on the Scotland Social Nursing Framework

◉ 45 Staff

◉ Climbed Ben Nevis

◉ BMS Division Launched

◉ Best Companies to work for 2023 (10th best Small Business)

Our Values

Our values give us a set of strong guiding principles that have a positive influence on every aspect of our business.


We provide the very best recruitment solution in the entire healthcare market by always doing what we say we will, and living by our company vision and values.


If we say we will do something, we mean it, and we do it. And we will always provide an honest, unbiased, expert opinion to all our candidates and clients, founded on a deep understanding of market conditions, healthcare professions and the recruitment business.


We apply our experience and expertise to understanding the specific, individual needs of our candidates and clients. Providing tailored, informed solutions in every case.


We aim to be the home of Allied Health Professionals’ and Mental Health recruitment. And we will get there by fuelling and fulfilling the ambitions of all our teams.


When we work together, we succeed together. That means the way our teams collaborate in harmony with a common purpose. And the way we genuinely work in partnership with our clients and candidates to make sure they receive only the finest service.

Work Ethic

We are relentless in our efforts to provide a superior healthcare recruitment service.

Could you build your own company with us?

Hunter Gatherer AHP, an integral part of HG Ventures, represents our passion for making a real difference in the markets we engage with. At our core is the belief that people build companies. This ethos fuels our strategy, focusing on empowering and investing in exceptional teams to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality. For those with ambition and a track record of success within our group, HG Ventures offers a transformative opportunity: the chance to lead and innovate, shaping both their future and the industry’s.

HG Ventures Leadership

Gavin Johnstone, Founder & CEO

Gavin’s entrepreneurial journey began with a healthcare events and publishing company, later acquired by EMAP in 2010. He then founded Hunter Healthcare in 2011, growing it to £14m in revenues by 2016 and further to £40m with profits of £3.1m by 2021. In 2017, he launched Hunter Gatherer, a novel venture capital model, quickly achieving over £15m in revenues. Aside from business, Gavin has a commercial property portfolio and enjoys flying, motorsport, and family life in the Cotswolds and Barbados.

Where are we going?


Our future vision is to build a portfolio of market leading companies in selected markets.


By investing in and supporting management teams with a proven track record in those markets.


We want to build companies that compete not only in the UK but internationally.

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